1. Schedule a Visit for a Tour and Interview

Prospective parents should call Andrews Academy at 314-878-1883 and schedule a visit to the school. Parents can expect to interview and tour the school and meet the Head of School.

2. Complete the Application
The application should be filled out and returned to Andrews Academy with the $350.00 New Family Registration Fee. This is a ONE TIME ONLY, upon initial registration, non-refundable fee.

3. Schedule a Time for Your Child to Take an Assessment
Each applicant is asked to take an admissions assessment. Applicants for grades Junior Kindergarten through sixth grade are asked to be assessed in the morning. Following the assessment, an optional pre-arranged visit to the classroom is available.

4. Admission Decisions
Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis. The Head of School and admissions staff will confer to reach an admission decision following the interview, entrance assessment, and review of prior school records. Parents will be notified of the admission decision in a timely manner by the Head of School.

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