About Us

Andrews Academy is among St. Louis’ foremost independent elementary schools and has been among the most respected and sought after schools since 1979. Our proven ability to consistently deliver and surpass the educational expectations of St. Louis’ most discerning parents is unique and it is defined by a deep intention to genuinely understand and to meet the needs of every single child.

Our primary objective at Andrews Academy is to cultivate a strong sense of personal agency. When students learn to perceive themselves as stakeholders in the educational process, they naturally begin to assume accountability and responsibility for their own academic journey. When provided opportunities to exercise, to practice and to expand these skills, they become fully engaged and invested in their own education. As a result, students graduate from Andrews secure in their capabilities and sense of self. They possess a level of poise and confidence that distinguishes them from their peers. The tendencies Andrews Academy students naturally display toward resourcefulness, enterprise and academic achievement are simply the result of a highly personalized and innovative approach to learning, with a focused intention to understand and to meet the unique and specific needs of each and every student.

Andrews Academy is distinct from other independent schools in St. Louis, in that we are part of a broader educational network – one that has gained in stature over the years. In fact, Andrews Academy forms the centerpiece of an organization comprised of 17 independent schools across Missouri and Colorado. The organization was founded in St. Louis, which is still home to two Andrews Academy campus locations, six of our Montessori preschools, as well as our Montessori teachers’ college: the Hope Montessori Educational Institute. All of our schools are independent, non-religious and co-educational. All are respected by parents, educators – and the most selective admissions representatives of St. Louis’s finest secondary schools.

Conveniently located and within walking distance of an affiliated Hope Montessori Academy preschool, Andrews Academy campus locations feature quiet, wooded surroundings, and an educational environment that is second to none. Andrews Academy offers state-of-the-art classrooms, robust research libraries, well-equipped science labs, a performing arts stage, gymnasium, and specialty learning spaces dedicated to technology, foreign language, music and art. Outside our schools is an abundance of open space for outdoor learning, physical education classes, organized sports and playing fields. Acreage around the school provides our students with nearby resources for exploration in the natural sciences and environmental studies, aspects of our curriculum that continue to gain in relevance and momentum as our world grows ever smaller.