Andrews Academy’s curriculum is designed to prepare students to move successfully through the elementary years into excellent secondary schools. Andrews emphasizes basic academic skills – mathematics, reading, writing, spelling, grammar, science, and social studies – while maintaining a broad range of specialized programs in the disciplines of art, computer science, library, music, Spanish, physical education, and performing arts. Regularly scheduled field trips constitute an important role in complimenting the academic program.

Individualized Growth

Assemblies are an integral part of the school program. Each assembly is child-oriented and designed to allow students to share a portion of their experiences from prior weeks with the entire student body and parents. Poise, self reliance, and confidence are considered essential ingredients in the maturation process.

Physical Growth

In order to accomplish the objectives of physical development, we offer a well-rounded Physical Education program with the following specific aims: to develop positive health habits, to develop citizenship and the worthy use of leisure time, to develop sportsmanship and a sense of fairness by healthy competition, and to develop respect for others and cooperation through team play.