Panther Pride Service in Action

Panther Pride’s school-wide philanthropy project is a partnership they’ve developed with the New Hope Resource Center. The Center prides itself on not merely offering handouts, but providing resources and encouragement to those actively investing in their futures. Panther Pride is aiding this process through the development of a program to collect the Center’s most needed items, personal products for children.
Third Grade students accompanied Panther Pride during its delivery of the children’s personal items collection to New Hope Resource Center and received a tour of the facility. Students learned about the various services the Center provides to those in need in our immediate community. Our students demonstrated compassion and empathy during the visit and represented Andrews Academy Lake Saint Louis with respect and kindness.
Active participation in and reflection about thoughtfully organized service projects fosters civic responsibility in our students. Panther Pride will invite a new class to join them on several more meaningful visits to New Hope Resource Center this year.