School Gatherings

Andrews Academy has a warm an inviting community atmosphere for children and parents. Families are included in many aspects of our school days such as assemblies, Trunk or Treat, Spring Picnic, Movie Night, Curriculum Night, and many more.


Kindergarten through Sixth grade classes perform in front of parents and the entire school at regularly scheduled assemblies. Most of the assemblies are performances for parents but many upper school assemblies take the form of debates, speeches, etc. Many classroom teachers have students lead the daily class meeting. Developing a sense of confidence while speaking or performing in front of an audience is a major goal of our program.

Parent Sponsored Events

Each year, parents organize family events. These have included picnics and Teacher Appreciation Weeks.

Meet the Teacher/Curriculum Night

In August we sponsor Meet Your Teacher night, where parents and children come to school and meet their instructors in an informal social setting. In September there is an Adult Only Open House Night for all parents to meet the teachers, visit the classrooms, and learn about the grade level expectation.