Leadership Development

Leadership Development Opportunities through Andrews Academy’s Signature Initiatives

Developing leaders for the future is one of the most valuable and distinguishing characteristics of an Andrews Academy education. Our focus extends well beyond the classroom, as we provide our students with opportunities to learn, practice and exercise leadership skills, certain to make them competitive for entry to St. Louis’ most selective secondary schools. More importantly, however, these opportunities prepare our young people to achieve success in life. At Andrews Academy, two signature initiatives have been thoughtfully designed to serve this purpose:

1. The Ambassadors Club Initiative (ACI)
The ACI taps into our school’s deep-rooted culture of respect, as a means to stimulate and expand our students’ concern for the welfare of others. Students are inducted to the Ambassadors Club, upon enrollment in the Sixth Grade (Creve Coeur) or Seventh Grade (Lake Saint Louis). Induction involves a Red Jacket ceremony, in which every student is recognized and celebrated as an Ambassador or emergent leader in our school. Of course, with leadership comes responsibility; participation in the ACI is no exception. Our Ambassadors proudly rise to expectation, serving as greeters to welcome visitors to the school, as hosts for school invitational events, and as role models and mentors for their younger peers throughout the remainder of their time at Andrews Academy.

In addition, we nurture these emergent leaders through weekly ACI leadership classes dedicated to the examination and critical analysis of character and virtue in leadership. These constructs are appraised and assessed in relation to competing personal and social/civic responsibilities and to their fundamental relevance and application in the “real world”. In this way, the ACI supports our young leaders as they strive to mature responsibly into adulthood.

2. Leadership in Service Initiative (LSI)
Upon entrance to the Eighth Grade, Ambassadors are eligible to participate in the Leadership in Service Initiative (LSI). LSI participants attend classes that extend the learning and the work of the Ambassadors Club, through advanced dialogue, and through examination, integration and application of ethics, values and principled leadership, as they relate to real world concerns.

Importantly, the LSI serves as a bridge that connects academics with the real world, expanding our students’ awareness of opportunities to contribute to the communities in which they live. During the second semester, LSI participants are provided a spectrum of community engagement opportunities from which to choose – some on campus, some off. Options range from semester-long internships, to short-term shadowing opportunities, to a variety of hands-on apprenticeships and assistantships. Every opportunity is well-defined and purposeful, in order to satisfy our students’ natural desire to contribute to the world in meaningful ways.