International Multimedia Showcase

Andrews Academy and Gateway Media Literacy Partners (GMLP) have teamed up to participate in a unique international effort that showcases a variety of creative media expressions – by young people, 3 – 19 years old – in the time of COVID-19, via music video production. According to the Showcase website: “This showcase is intended to provide children around the world with the opportunity to act upon their right of free expression.” Described by GMLP as “a demonstration of free expression, warmth and delightful optimism…and a wonderful production that considers media literacy’s concepts relating to production elements, context, and communicator. 
In May 2020, Academy student in Grades 4 – 6 participated in a project to showcase their talents and to express something about their classes through music and movement. The students chose words to reflect their values, personality, characteristics and/or memories at Andrews Academy during their virtual learning experience. They translated their ideas into “signature moves”. This process taught us that, even under challenging circumstances, we can continue working together, learning with and from each other, having fun, and continuing to learn in the midst of a pandemic.