Junior Kindergarten

Our Junior Kindergarten program is a stepping stone to elementary education. The Junior Kindergarten program strives to foster in each child confidence, independent initiative for learning, self-discipline, consideration for others, accountability for one’s own actions, and intellectual growth. By nurturing these qualities, a positive self-image is developed in each child.

The Junior Kindergarten environment is designed to give each child every possible opportunity for success. The classroom is child-centered, and the day is composed of developmentally appropriate activities.

Science, math, language arts, social studies, and handwriting are taught in the classroom and through field trips. Students attend ten learning centers each week to perfect their skills and acquire new experiences. Students also go to physical education, music, computer, library, art, and Spanish throughout the week. With hands-on activities and the use of technology students learn while having fun. With low student to teacher ratios children are given every opportunity for success.

Junior Kindergarten Curriculum

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