Mohamed Zein

Seventh/Eighth Grade

Most people have a passion that lives inside of them, some are lucky to recognize it and others spend their life searching for this passion. Mr. Zein has been blessed to be one of the lucky people to discover his passion early in life. He finds joy and passion in teaching and passing on knowledge to future generations to help them grow and become successful. He considers this gift to be one of the noblest actions one human being can do for another.

Diversity has been part of his life from childhood, as a student of International schools. He began his teaching career in Muscat, Oman and feels fortunate to have the experience of teaching children from many parts of the world. Being a teacher to children from around the globe with different cultures and different needs opens his eyes and heart to the similarities shared. Although his students have had diverse backgrounds, his goal for each is to guide them to gain knowledge and to discover their passion in life.   

Mohamad has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with focus in Accounting.