Emily Ritter

Sixth Grade Homeroom and Middle School Linguistics

Emily Ritter serves as Andrews Academy’s middle school language arts teacher. A native of St. Louis, Mrs. Ritter has enjoyed wonderfully varied experiences in teaching and learning. Since 2006, she has worked in educational institutions across the country and across grade levels. Her teaching career began in public schools, but in 2010, she entered the world of private education and never looked back. She served as a teacher, head of school, and curriculum specialist for a leading independent school’s campuses in Las Vegas and Silicon Valley. A dynamic presenter, Mrs. Ritter trained hundreds of educators in teaching methodology, behavior management, and the integration of a school’s core values into the curriculum. Most recently, she taught literature and grammar courses for Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth program. Mrs. Ritter loves to make her students laugh and to help parents feel connected to their children’s learning.

Mrs. Ritter holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Truman State University and a master’s degree in secondary English education from Kennesaw State University. She also completed a University of Missouri graduate program to earn certification in journalism education. Her publication credits include English Journal and Cottonwood Magazine. When not in a classroom, Mrs. Ritter enjoys reading, gardening, and spending time with her husband and son