The April Character Education activity was all about breaking out.  A breakout
is like an "escape room" where students work as a team using critical thinking
skills to solve a series of challenging puzzles or problems to open a locked box.

This month with our Character Education word being "Perseverance," we took
the opportunity to challenge our students teamwork and persistence. Each Nest
had to work together solving problems that contained a clue to unlock the locks.
Their mission
 was to "Save the Earth" for Earth Day.

As you can see from the photos that are in the photo album linked below, younger
and older students worked together solving each challenge. Inside the locked
box they found a banner saying they saved the earth and were then directed to a
"green" screen to take a group photo documenting that they were able to "BREAKOUT!"

Click here to see pictures from our Character Education assemblies.


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