Senior Kindergarten – Sixth Grade

A Personalized Approach

Whenever possible, our teachers personalize instruction using a differentiated approach. While the preponderance of graded material consists of traditional testing, quizzes, and pencil and paper tasks, teachers are encouraged to “play to the child’s strengths” when demonstrating understanding. Some students might learn best by, for example, dressing up as Abe Lincoln and reciting the Gettysburg Address, followed by a question and answer session from student “reporters” working for Confederate and Union newspapers. While other students might be encouraged to develop a PowerPoint presentation with video and news clips to demonstrate an understanding of the Iraq War. We utilize many different approaches to bring out the best in all of our children.

Developing the Whole Child

We believe (and science reinforces this belief) that there is a positive connection between daily rigorous physical activity and academic success. This connection supports our commitment to daily physical education classes, after school sports programs, and competitive team sports in the upper grades.

Scope and Sequence

Our scope and sequence is an elastic tool designed to ensure grounding in basic skills while allowing for individualization and differentiation. The Scope and Sequence provides an outline of normal academic expectations for each grade level, most of which are exceeded by a majority of our students during the school year.

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